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Suspend Hundreds of Fake Twitter Chinese Accounts

Suspend Hundreds of Fake Twitter Chinese Accounts

Suspend Hundreds of Fake Twitter Accounts

Twitter recently removed hundreds of Chinese lies in violation of its policy of banning multiple lies and linking events for the purpose of attracting dialogue via the device.

The election removed three thousand real Twitter accounts, many of which appeared to be linked to social media to promote its image of a communist country, many of which gave a positive picture of the Winter Olympics. . Start a world show. Opposition to human rights violations.

Another story called Spicy Panda provides aerial entertainment in China and also accuses the US of destroying the country led by Xi Jinping by revealing false facts.

They couldn't stop the global excitement of the #BeijingWinterOlympics as Grandpa Lear tried to ruin the Olympics with news guns.

The award was accompanied by a photo of Grandpa Sam holding a laptop hating a microphone.

The post was shared at least 300 times and received only 11 likes and two retweets, indicating that the communication was made in a way that does not allow the promotion of the location.

Additionally, the passage of the Aliens Registration Act indicates that the Chinese government has hired Vippi Media Inc., which has recruited celebrities as part of a series of marketing campaigns to promote the Olympics. Although the country tried to control the game schedule, the incident caused controversy.

For example, obese athletes locked up in hotels complained about the scarcity of food given to them and the inability to eat the food given to them. However, some of these players say that they do not give up preparing for the match.

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