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How To Transfer A Domain From Current Registrar To Another Registrar

So, first thing is that, why we transfer our domain name to another registrar, some of the reasons are poor service, high price of top level domain or tld, or do not provide any free service, etc. So, for these common reasons, we transfer our domain to other registrar, so this process of transferring a domain is called domain transfer.

First important thing is that need is so important to unlock the domain name, most of the registrar lock the domain for any misuse. So, unlock the domain. Then generate auth code or authorization code or transfer code or auth-info code sometimes refer to as EPP code. So, first generate this auth code, and don't share this code to anyone. Without his code transfer will not perform or in other words transfer is prohibited. This code generate on the web site or sent to the respective email address.

Go to the new registrar, where the domain name will transfer. Find the domain transfer and click on it type or copy paste your respective domain, next to proceed then the registrar ask for auth code then copy and paste the autho code, and verify the code, there is a button, the words type on it verify, first verify the code, if code is verified then proceed next. Otherwise the auth code is not for this domain or there is a typing mistake to enter the auth code, first verify the code then proceed next.

After the code verification, the registrar ask for payment, make your payment for transferring the domain, this payment will add one more year to the domain.

After the payment, there is a waiting time to transfer the domain is 05 to 07 days, if you need urgent transfer on the spot, but it takes 30 minutes, so you will approve or authorize the transfer from the previous means old registrar. If you approve the transfer you domain will add in the list of new registrar of domain in 30 minutes, otherwise it takes approx 07 days to transfer, it is normal.

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