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Adsterra High CPM Country | High CPM Rates for Publishers

Adsterra High CPM Country

Making money from marketing has never been easier. Now you really know what kind of cars give you great prices and profits. For Adsterra only: Learn about the types of countries and markets with the highest demand and best prices. Check out the GEOs below, run Popunder stores from any of these countries and enjoy higher prices than Adsterra.

We will only point out the situation here when the vessel turns and becomes more powerful on demand. Hurry to get the highest CPM rates. If you do not see the current CPM in your GeoList, ask your Adsterra organization.

High CPM Rates from $20 for Social Popunder Traffic

TRAFFIC TYPE: SOCIAL (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others) 


Country Platforms CPM
South Africa Android $20
Nigeria Android $4.5
Saudi Arabia Android $1.9
iOS $1.6
Spain Android $1.8
Windows $1.4
Mexico Android $2.8
United States Windows $7.0
Kenya Android $2.8
Thailand Android $2.3
iOS $1.9

High CPM Rates and Solid Payouts for Mainstream Traffic

TRAFFIC TYPE: MAINSTREAM (mobile, desktop) 


Country Platforms CPM
Benin Android $2.8
Senegal Android $2.4
iOS $2.3
Thailand iOS $2.8
United States Windows $2.2
iOS $1.9
MacOS X $1.2
Bulgaria Android $1.9
iOS $2.2
MacOS X $1.1
Cote D’Ivoire Android $1.9
Latvia Android $1.9
Estonia Windows $1.3
Switzerland iOS $1.5
Nigeria Android $1.8
MacOS X $1.7
Windows $1.6


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