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You want 4000 Hours for your YouTube Monetization

How To Get 4000 Watch Hours On YouTube?

Did you know that the time it takes to get to YouTube is 4,000 hours? Many content creators spend a year or more to achieve this goal, but in the long run it will benefit them. Achieving this goal means that you can sign up for the YouTube affiliate program and ultimately make money from your content through ads. And who doesn't want to make money with his videos? But first, what does it mean to watch YouTube? And how does YouTube typically measure viewing time?

For watch time to work to make money, you need to earn 4,000 viewing hours for 12 consecutive months. The video should not have been released in the last 12 months, but should have been viewed in the last 52 weeks.

Also, only certain videos should be collected by Guardian Time. You definitely want to make sure most of your videos are public because that's the key.

Complete 4000 Hours In Minutes

When we look at greater means big numbers, it is sometimes hard to imagine what they really mean. Come on in, watch and enjoy yourself!

The math of this calculation is so simple. One hour is 60 minutes, so we just want to multiply these two numbers.

4000 hours x 60 minutes = 240,000 minutes

To reach 4,000 YouTube hours, you need to generate 240,000 YouTube views minutes.

Complete 4000 Hours In Days

How many days do you need to keep watching up to 4,000 hours?

It’s 24 hours a day. This means we can divide only 4000 hours of viewing by 24 to get an answer.

4000 hours / 24 hours = 166 days and 16 hours

To get 100% time to watch YouTube from someone, he or she has to play your video in 166 days and 16 hours non -stop.

Yes, if you have a lot of subscribers, the amount will be small.

YouTube Calculation of Number of Hours Watched

The first thing you need to understand is what to look for. Everything is not the same. Just take the time to watch YouTube. This means that if you keep any of your videos private, they won't be saved or made private. You can watch millions of hours and it doesn't matter! Don't forget to post videos on YouTube!

If you had a viral video a few years ago, would you have read it after watching it? Unfortunately this is not the case!

4,000 hours of viewing time is not dependent on how many times people see your moment in their life. It's a matter of time, and what day it is, we'll see in the next 365 days. Think of it this way: If you watched 1,000 hours in the 500 days before the day, you've added 3,000 more hours in the last 365 days. The 1,000 hours you have accumulated in the last 500 days do not count towards the 365 days. The good news is that you still have 4,000 free hours.

When you are ready to earn money, you can apply for funding. And when you prove you are approved. It doesn't matter how many hours later you watch it. Example: Even if you made money last year, you've only seen 1,000 hours in the last 365 days. You still have money.

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

When you start a new YouTube channel, you run into problems.

YouTube does not recommend your video to newcomers in the first place, and your channel is not officially promoted because it is about you, your channel, your video and the people who view it. Want to I don't know about

The good news is that you can create your own video by searching on YouTube. You need to be more discriminating with the help of other people. Once you've found some competing search volume and keywords, create videos targeting these topics. Improve your video title, description and words for YouTube SEO.

YouTube SEO is one of the most powerful tools for increasing the clickthrough rate of your YouTube videos.

If article Y contains only 5 videos, including your own, your video will appear in one of the YouTube search results pages for your targeted word.

I use the keywords to create ideas for new video titles and change my videos to gain more organic reach.

Create Significant Thumbnails For YouTube Videos

Want to know the cool idea to increase your watch time on YouTube? Enlarge video thumbnails with one tap! You get the world's best video, but if no one overhears, your watch time is lost.

Along with the title of your video, YouTube thumbnails are one of the most important achievements for a high video clickthrough rate. The thumbnail informs viewers of the value of watching your video when searching for YouTube news feeds.

By default, when uploading a video, YouTube selects three blank frames from the video thumbnail ideas. But you still need to design and add your own unique video thumbnails to stand out from other videos.

The results will be better if you plan the thumbnail before writing the video script. I wrote a detailed article on creating, designing and optimizing YouTube thumbnails. Don't forget to check it out!

Add Video Cards To Your YouTube Videos

You want them to be available to answer your questions when you feel sorry for your jacket. The easiest way is to get video from your videos via video card.

These are small text signals that will appear in the upper right corner of your video. You can recommend 5 videos for each video, I recommend this strategy for all your videos.

When you start, you probably don't have enough videos to recommend. But don't worry. Then when it's full you can go back and add more cards.

Use End Screen Videos To Complete 4000 Hours 

If your video is fun and enjoyable to watch and someone leaves, ask them to watch more of your video on the bottom screen of your video.

You can add up to 4 video clips and video posts to the last 20 seconds of your video that viewers can watch at the touch of a button.

Create YouTube Playlist To Organize Videos

There should be at least one list per YouTube channel!

You can start creating one for each video, then wait and add the video for everyone! smart!

The idea of ​​creating a list is to create an easier way for the viewer to see all the content.

To populate a YouTube playlist, you need to use anonymous features, called playlists. Think about it. You made a documentary about your last vacation and divided it into three films. However, it is worth looking at them in order.

In this case, you will create your own playlist. Arrange the three videos in order. Then it goes from normal to series.

If the list is “legal” or not available, there is no way to suggest that if you are watching series 1, YouTube recommends series 2 as the next show. Often from other sources. With a serial list, everything is different. So we will definitely present the second part.

Why is it strong? By default, YouTube presents the video after each video.

And if you can crawl to the end of the video, that means you’ll have more time to watch and get 4,000 hours faster!

Another way to use lists is to share lists rather than specific video links. First, find a list of options with videos you want to share.

Open and select the video you want to share. You will see that the URL becomes a long address. Select, copy and paste into a new test table. Your video should be uploaded and continued with the other videos on the list.

If you are successful, share publicly. However, not everyone will see the full list. But it happens and it depends! Plenty of time to check the route.


In short, create a video show that is right for you.

I recommend broadcasting a 10-15 minute video three times a week and a live broadcast one hour a month.

Add up to five video cards to each video to promote videos related to your bridge to encourage viewers to watch more.

Create an attachment profile and watch videos you add to your video card.

Add a video clip and promote one of the videos and playlists. Make sure it’s the most popular movie or playlist and it’s closely related to the video someone has ever seen.

Add a list of photos, tips, and popular links to each photo's description.

Organize all your videos into separate playlists. This allows viewers interested in a particular topic to see it all in one section.

Use the game list well to increase the chances that one of your videos will be a watch video.

Instead of sharing a link directly, add the video to a playlist and then share the list of videos you selected as the currently selected video. This greatly increases your viewing time!

Make sure you always promote all your videos on social media. Promote your video on social media.

So, in this article discussed about how to get 4,000 watch hours on YouTube free and how long does it take to get 4000 watch hours with talking about how to increase watch hours on YouTube along YouTube watch hours for monetization and YouTube 4,000 hours rule.

Go to YouTube regularly and use the Premiere feature to create a better audience experience and increase viewing time.

Since webinars typically last between one to two hours and audience retention is high, this is an interesting distraction.

You can also do online tutorials and upload your YouTube videos to increase the amount of time you spend watching your bridge.

If you want fast results, create video ads with Google Ads.

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